Freelance for almost 4 years now, I am passionate about all things design related. I’m looking to learn, discover and reach new limits in the world of graphics ! My best friend is Illustrator who helps me with my favourite hobbies which are logo creation, packaging, webdesign and video editing. However I also love analog and digital photography. Let me know if you have any project ideas you would like to work on with me !

print & web designer

I love to create brand identity, and decline it on all print supports (flyer, poster, documents…) and web (banner, content for social networks, layout…).

for Almost 4 years

I created my French freelancer status in 2015 and until today I’m working with a lot of diversified clients (BtoB and BtoC, lawyer, retailer, dentist…).

with love

I’m a design lover and challenger, always searching for new opportunities and discoveries !

« Digital nomad » ?

I’m currently in Sydney I’m keeping my freelancer status while enjoying the Australian lifestyle. Wherever you are, we can work together 😉

would you take

me in your team ?

I’m currently searching to reach a team and work as as a graphic designer in Sydney. Just let me know if you have any opportunities or needs.